Fun Family Activity 303: Board Game Mashup


So you probably have a closet full of board games, some with all the pieces and some with only a few. Why not create your own game with parts and pieces from a few different board games? Take the dice from one game, a board from another game and then the player pieces from a third game. Then make up some new rules to play your special “Mashup” game! Here are some ideas to use when mixing up games:

  • Play a really fast game of Chutes and Ladders, by using all the dice from Yatzhee!
  • Use pieces from Clue to play round the Monopoly board and create new rules if you land on property.
  • Play a game of charades, but instead of acting out the clues, you have to use the chess pieces to get people to guess.
  • Take some Banagrams and use them as dice for Sorry. If you roll a few banagrams and can spell a word with the letters, then you get to move that many spaces.

So there are endless possibilities! Let your kids come up with some crazy ideas and just go with it. A Mashup game can be fun for all, since you can adapt the game for all ages!


  • board games from the closet
  • creativity
  • open mind to try some new and crazy ideas


  • Maybe each time you play a Mashup game, you let each kid come up with a new idea. Take turns each time with who gets to come up with the ideas. Or let one kid choose the games, and another kid come up with the way to play the Mashup game.
  • Remember, the reason to do this activity is to have fun. If it becomes a whining session, then just remind everyone why you wanted to play in the first place. 🙂
  • Keep a notebook of Mashup games ideas, so that if you play once and it is so much fun, you’ll remember how to play the next time! You can even take some photos to remind you how you set it up.