Fun Family Activity 305: Fun Family Drive


Time to explore your neighborhood or city and not with the GPS, but the old fashioned way! Find a map of your town and let your kids help to identify the location of your house. Then flip a coin and if it lands on heads, then go left out of your driveway, if it lands tails, then go right. You do this with dice and if you roll even, you go one direction, or odd you to another. Decide how far you go and see where you end up! Draw the route on your map before you leave and let your kids help with navigating around town.


  • road map
  • coin, or dice
  • pencil or highlighter


  • Let the parents review the route to be sure you don’t end up in a place you really don’t want to be.
  • Let kids takes turns with rolling the dice or flipping the coin.
  • Remeber it’s the journey that is the fun part, even if the destination ends up being an empty parking lot!