Fun Family Activity 307: Family Painting


How cool would it be to hang a piece of art up on your walls that your family created together! Go out and buy a blank canvas (any size you want) and some acrylic paints. Depending on the ages of your kids, you’ll want to handle the paints carefully.

Put some newspaper on the ground or a table and get your smocks on, then you try any of the methods below:

  1. Section of areas for each member to paint on. Have each member of the area, completely fill in that area so barely any white is showing.
  2. Draw your family name in pencil and let each member color a letter. Then let everyone color around the name.
  3. Paint in stages. Let each member of the family paint on it by himself, until it is completely full. You can let each person build on the last one.
  4. Just use your fingers to paint.
  5. Only chose two colors to use.


  • blank white canvas that you can but at any local arts supply store or online at Blick Art Materials
  • paint brushes
  • acrylic paints
  • newspaper
  • smocks


  • You might prep the canvas with a light wash of colors before letting the kids paint. This way the background won’t be stark white if you don’t want that.
  • You can use stencils, or large stamps too!
  • Let the little ones do hand and foot prints to make it easy.
  • Let everyone sign his/her name when finished.
  • You might even make one of these for a holiday gift for a relative!