I just can’t do anything right.

Dear Amma,

Sometimes I feel like I just can’t do anything right. I feel like a failure and my life is a mess. How do I get out of this slump? I have a darling little girl and I know that she brings me joy, but sometimes even that is hard to feel.

Ms. Wrong

Ms. Wrong,

First of all, remember what I tell everyone. You are awesome and wonderful! Sometimes it might be hard to remember that fact depending on your surroundings or circumstances, but it is always true. Take a moment to step back and look around you. Who is better at living your life than you? No one. So who is to say that you are doing something wrong? Remind yourself that you are driving your own bus. If you want to paint your bus purple, then do it. If you want to play some fun music, then do it. Most of all, take hold of that steering wheel and drive to a place where you enjoy the life you have created for yourself. You have done a great job so far! How do I know? Because I know that you are awesome and wonderful.