Take a 1-Minute Smile and Hug Break

It seems silly, and it just might be. Sometimes we get so busy with everything, that we often forget why we are doing things. Let’s say for example that you are planning a fun day to the zoo. You get up in the morning, start to pack the car, get the food ready, and try to get all the kids fed, dressed and ready to go. As things happen, the kids throw the food on the floor, or or one child doesn’t want to get dressed, or for some reason there are no clean towels in the bathroom. Now it’s getting late and you know that you might need to park in the offsite parking lot and walk a few blocks to get to the zoo. Depending on the day…we might just put our arms up and say oh well. Other times, we might start to get flustered and anxious about getting everything ready in time, so that there is enough time to enjoy the zoo. Well…now might be the right time to take a 1-minute Inner Smile Break! Take a step back to remember why you wanted to plan a trip to the zoo….to enjoy time with your family. This doesn’t mean that the only time you can enjoy your family is when you are actually at the zoo, right? It was just a plan for a change of scenery. So remove yourself from the plan, smile inside, and enjoy your family right now. Smile about how silly your child might look half dressed, or smile inside and give each member of your family a hug. So now, no matter what you do today, zoo or not, you will smile inside.