Ask Amma!

We all experience times where we could just use a nudge in the right direction. Or we want to know how to get past a difficult time. Sometimes all we need is just a word of encouragement to get us through to the sunny parts.

Here’s where you can send in questions for AMMA. She’s a grandmother, a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, and most of all, she’s someone that truly believes in herself. She understands how it is to be challenged during life, how it feels to be burdened with responsibilities, but recognizes how gratifying it is to enjoy family and life. She’ll respond to questions providing her perspective and something for you think about.

Here are a few thoughts from AMMA for you to remember each day:

You are AWESOME and WONDERFUL, until proven otherwise. ( And Amma challenges anyone to prove that otherwise.)

Consider treating yourself as your Number #1 Customer.

Please post your questions below and AMMA will respond to them here!

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