Family Fun Activity: Home Skeeball

We love to play skeeball. I wish we could have our own skeeball room in the house with a few of the machines in it. lol. I’m not sure if it is because we get to see the cute little tickets come out of the machine or just the fact that we can have so […]

Make a Picture Checklist!

Let your kids help to make a checklist for a trip to the beach or road trip. Let them write the item and then draw a picture of what it is! For us visual learners it is a great way to remember what to bring. šŸ™‚ We used post-it notes.

Fun Family Activity 307: Family Painting

MAKE A FAMILY PAINTING: How cool would it be to hang a piece of art up on your walls that your family created together! Go out and buy a blank canvas (any size you want) and some acrylic paints. Depending on the ages of your kids, you’ll want to handle the paints carefully. Put some […]

Start Blogging!

So you might have thought about it, but don’t really know where to start. Here are some things to consider to get your feet wet in the blogging world. Ā  BEGINNER BLOGGERS– There are several FREEĀ blogging sites where you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Really! And it’s free so you […]

Video chats keep families closer!

We believe it, because we do it. We’ve used video chats with friends, relatives, children, and grandparents. It doesn’t matter what age, it is fun to see and chat with family if they can’t be right next to you. So here’s what you do to set this up: If you don’t already have one, get […]

Take a 1-Minute Smile and Hug Break

It seems silly, and it just might be. Sometimes we get so busy with everything, that we often forget why we are doing things. Let’s say for example that you are planning a fun day to the zoo. You get up in the morning, start to pack the car, get the food ready, and try […]

ME-time for YOU!

Do you ever think..”I never have any time for me. Time to do what I want. I would like to just have a few minutes to myself.” Yes we have all been there and can relate during the busy times when we feel like we are just on the go all day and all night. […]

Fun Family Activity 306: Fun Things To Do List

FAMILY FUN LIST OF THINGS TO DO! It’s so easy to miss all the fun and exciting things that are right in your own backyard or in your town. Use this activity to make a list of all the fun things you can do in your own hometown area. You can find museums, sites, parks, […]

Fun Family Activity 305: Fun Family Drive

FUN FAMILY DRIVE: Time to explore your neighborhood or city and not with the GPS, but the old fashioned way! Find a map of your town and let your kids help to identify the location of your house. Then flip a coin and if it lands on heads, then go left out of your driveway, […]

Fun Family Activity 304: Family Restaurant Critique

FAMILY RESTAURANT CRITIQUE: The next time you decide to out to dinner with the family, let everyone pitch in to give it a review. Print out the attached document and have your kids help you to critique the place. Pretend that you are writing an article for a newspaper and let everyone put in their […]